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October 3, 2009

Know Thyself and Focus!

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I am where I am today (making a living as a voiceover talent) by having a wide variety of sounds and doing a wide variety of projects. But I am not where I want to be – which is spending far less time working, marketing, bookkeeping, etc. What will get to me to where I want to be (making a much BETTER living as a voiceover talent so that I have more time) is focusing on the “real” me.

Kevin Delaney – Voiceover Ninja – writes about this often and has created a new blog called The Wealthy Bohemian that is even more focused on the topic of wealth building by using all the tools of today (the Internet, Social Networking, email).

And then, the other day my friend Bob Souer discussed this same general concept on his blog with lots of great links. (This linking thing is part of Kevin’s plan for world domination.) Bob titled his post “Who are you going to be today?” And the key message?

“…if you want to make a living in the voiceover business, forget about trying to find some “cool” way to re-position yourself. Forget about trying to “become” whatever is “hot” right now.  Find your focus and feed it.”

Thanks Bob!


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  1. Connie,

    Thank you, my friend, for your very kind comments. No plans for world domination on my part. (Yes, I do understand it was a joke. Just had to ping you back.)

    Be well,

    Comment by Bob Souer — October 3, 2009 @ 3:42 pm

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