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February 24, 2010

Paul Strikwerda Bursts the Audition Bubble

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Paul is one of my favorite bloggers. He can stir up the pot a bit at times, which is fun. But usually, he has something brilliant to say about the business.

I’ve been ruminating on auditions lately. About the fact that I haven’t auditioned so much as I have since we moved into a remote casting era. But what I didn’t say (and that Paul says so well in his latest blog post), is that I am extremely picky about what I audition for. I checked my “stats” for the past 6 months at Voice123. I have deleted more than 1050 audition opportunities – and sent in auditions for about 75. Number of actual jobs? Very few from V123. Same basic ratio at, but with far fewer audition opportunities.

Something I talk to my introductory students about is learning to practice so that you actually improve – and not build in bad habits. 

Pauls says, “In my mind, you practice to audition. You don’t audition to practice.” Great stuff Paul!

February 18, 2010

Time Flies: Balancing Personal and Job Time

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What happened to February!? OK, it is a short month, but really, I look up at the calendar and shake my head in disbelief that it is nearly the end of the month already. There are things on my To Do list hanging around from last December that I swore I would complete by the end of January! (Well, the mosaic garden table was supposed to be finished by the end of LAST January – that project is waaay behind.)

Balancing personal and business life is getting to be quite a challenge. On the one hand I am lucky to have a job that lets me jump up and put out fires. On the other hand, I sometimes wish that I had a job that kept me confined for 8 hours so that I didn’t have to jump up and put out fires.

I’d like to chalk up the passing of deadlines to my work load taking priority, but the personal time blocks in my Outlook Calendar are overwhelming my job time blocks.

Again it’s that ying and yang thing. On the one hand, this is good in that I am getting to know my mother for the first time in my life. And on the other hand, I frequently have to move my job schedule in order to make the time to do this.

February 7, 2010

iLok Unlocked and Source Connect Installed

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The iLok folks tried to reach the official “owner” (well, perhaps we should call that the unofficial owner) of the iLok I bought at Guitar Center last week. After waiting a couple of days I decided to just return that one and get a new one.

Victory! The installation went smoothly and quickly. Source Connect is up and running. I will do some tests with other SC users as soon as I can work it in, but I had audio going both directions with the Source Connect folks.

The only part left to do is figure out the “port” configuration. It seems to be working, but my router needs to be officially configured to help stabilize the connection – at least that is what I was told. So, IF I get a chance this week, I will try to follow the breadcrumbs to finalize that one little piece of the installation process.

February 3, 2010

A Stuffed PO Box!

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Don’t you just love the feeling of opening the PO Box and finding it full of #10 envelopes! Checks! This time of year, however, the envelopes are usually a tad larger and need to be saved for the tax man.

1099s are flooding into my PO Box the past few weeks. Be sure to check them carefully and SAVE them! I had the IRS come back to me on my 2007 taxes saying that I owed them some ungodly amount close to 10 grand.

They thought that one of my 1009s was for 58 thousand dollars. Huh? Wow, that would have been a great client! After my heart stopped pounding, I realized that it was probably a typo and contacted my client who was able to quickly send me a replacement 1009 to show the IRS that the total was 58 hundred dollars, not 58K.

I’m not a fan of this side of the business, but it is an important part of what we do.

February 1, 2010

Someone Else’s Dongle?

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So the iLok folks tell me that someone else owns my dongle. How that could happen is a complete mystery. The iLok was in a sealed package.

They have sent that person a note asking to transfer ownership to me, but if I don’t hear something in a day or two, I will take it back to Guitar Center and get a new one (at least what I HOPE is a new one).

All of this puts the actual downloading of Source Connect on the back burner.

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