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September 25, 2010

Gah! Facebook is wonky!

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OK – I think I can clearly see my addiction now. Facebook has been going down frequently over the past few days and I find myself compulsively refreshing the screen begging that its little blue interface appears.

There are many people with whom I have no other contact other than through Facebook. No email. No phone. Just a wonky URL.

So now I need to spend some time getting additional contact information from at least some of these folks. Hold on a moment…

Ah – Facebook is back up – for the time being…

See you later!

September 21, 2010


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I didn’t coin this – fafftermath – but it is what is happening to at least some of the people who attended the first ever FaffCon in Portland OR, September 11 and 12, 2010.

One of the things Amy, the organizer did near the end of the last day, was force everyone in the general session to answer some questions and write down some action items. This was so that we didn’t get back home and let life take over without capitalizing on the information that was shared and the energy that was exchanged and enhanced.

I managed to walk off without my notebook and my notes – and all my remaining business cards, but I did remember at least one of my action items (or if it isn’t on the list when I finally do see it again, it is now!)…get in contact with old clients.

So I have make it a point this past week to contact at least one lapsed client per day. And here’s what happened today.

Just after parking the car outside the world famous San Diego Zoo to spend some time with my nephew who is finishing a cross country trip, I got an email from one of these former clients whom I had not worked with since 2008. I had sent him a note just a couple of days ago checking in and suddenly a job popped up for me.

He followed up with a phone call and I explained that I was just going into the Zoo and asked him if this was a rush. Nope! So, off I went – playing Auntie the Tour Guide for several hours. When I returned to myh studio, there was a second job from the same client.

Less than an hour later, I delivered the reads and got the billing info.

Other examples of Fafftermath have popped up on some social media sites posted by other attendees.

 There just might be something to this peers sharing with peers concept!

September 19, 2010

Sunday night. What am I doing at the computer!?

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Yes, that is the question. What am I doing at the computer on a Sunday night at around 7:30 in the evening? Well, the answer is that one of my compadres in MCA-I is in New Zealand and he is up and working already and we have a small project to tweak on the MCA-I website. Plus, I am waiting for my nephew from Germany to arrive from Vegas after a cross country trip that started in Connecticut. He and his friends got a late start and probably won’t roll in to SD until late, so I need to find things to do that keep me close to home.

Sunday night is also a good night in general to get prepped for a busy week. Of course, that would assume that one hasn’t spent much time in front of the monitor during the rest of the weekend. Ha! I think I need more toys. A kayak? Not a motorcycle, that would scare me to death. I have an old beach cruiser that I rode around on Saturday morning checking out garage sales – and found a brand new air matress for the kids while they are here. OK, they are really not kids, but they are still under 25, so when you divide by two and carry the three, that makes them kids in my eyes.

And I found time to trim back most of the fig tree – discovering in the process that I must be allergic to the darn thing. Plus a trip to Home Depot (really what is a weekend without a trip to Home Depot?). So the weekend wasn’t all in front of the computer.

But I did squeeze in a couple of auditions, caught up a bit on some Social Media and post-FaffCon activities and spent some time working on my new ACT! software. In fact, I think that I’ll have a little bit more time with ACT! before my house guests arrive.

September 14, 2010

I Love My SEO – But I Could Probably Love It More

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Without it you do not exist. Well, your website doesn’t exist in the eyes of the search engines and that is like not existing. People can’t find you when the go looking for someone like you.

While people finding me on the web is only part of my overall marketing strategy, it has become a very active “passive” method of bringing new clients to my door. And I have not paid for placement in a long long time. A few years ago I experimented with pay-per-click, but quickly saw what seemed to me like far too much money going out without an equal or greater amount of money coming in.

I was already (and still am) pretty well placed in most of the search engines, simply by the fact that I have been online with a web presence since 1996. First with and then shortly thereafter with An ex BF was experimenting with SEO techniques and optimized my sites with the techniques of the day and even though those early META tag and key word salting concepts have evolved, my websites have consistently stayed pretty high in the search results.

But, I am seeing others in my immediate voiceover world popping up ahead of me in the listings, so it may be time to look at the techniques of today and see if I can tweak my sites a bit. The idea of paying for placement after not paying for placement rubs me the wrong way, but if I start to see that simple changes will not move me up the list, then common business sense should drive me toward a solution that may include spending a little money.

September 13, 2010

Tooting the FaffCon Horn just a bit more

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Whatever happens down the road to the concept of FaffCon, the first ever FaffCon Voiceover Un-conference was a rousing success in so many ways. Dave Courvasier posted a blog this morning with his thoughts on day 2 of FaffCon.

The most appealing part to me about this whole event was the lack of selling and the abundance of sharing. Oh, there were people in attendance with something to sell, but this was not a selling event. In something like 30 separate “sessions” I didn’t hear of any that were a sales pitch for anything. I couldn’t get to all of them of course, but that is the feedback I have heard.

Sponsors were promoted during the event with signs, handouts and thank you’s. And the final session on Sunday afternoon was devoted to reading live “commercials” for our sponsors and then drawing tickets for valuable door prizes.

Here is a link to the FaffCon website for more information. 

I have posted some pics of the event on my Facebook page – take a look if you get a chance.!/album.php?aid=279368&id=678849697

September 9, 2010

FaffCon FaffCon – Here We Come

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The reality of gathering together with many of my real and virtual voiceover peeps this weekend for FaffCon in Portland OR is getting closer and closer. My suitcase is being packed in the back of my mind. My laptop has been prepped for a presentation if called upon and for an audition or two if they happen to fall into my lap.

We have an endless supply of great topics to put on the board to see which floats to the top for discussion. I still need to make note of some website resources for a couple of topics that may end up being tackled. But first I have to button up the home front. Make sure cats and parent are fed and watered.

The trip is more meaningful to me since hearing the news this morning about the passing of one of the VO-BB regulars – Doc Phillips. He was a truly kind and generous man. I am truly sad about this news and suddenly feel the need to see some of the other regulars on the VO-BB – to connect with them on a more physical plane.

We are very connected due in part to our virtual home, the VO-BB and to our first face-to-face meetings at VOICE 2007. FaffCon will do even more to cement those bonds.

September 2, 2010

A Pat on the Back

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We “voiceoverists” (a term coined by self-proclaimed and deservedly so Top Voiceoverist Philip Banks) are celebrating our wonderfulness this month! Out of the blue it is National Voice Over Appreciation Month – or simply National Voice Over Month. It should probably be International Voiceover Month, but the domain says National, so I guess we’ll just have to assume that this means any voiceover folk in ANY Nation!

Peter O’Connell was one of a small cadre of voice talent who brainstormed this idea. Peter says, “For the thousands of professional male and female voice over talents, the joy of participating in this industry is recognition enough. But National Voice Over Month allows everyone the chance to understand and appreciate these special artists.”

Dave Courvoisier, Advisory Board member of the non-profit Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists (SaVoa), says “Calling for a month-long appreciation of the Voice Over Artist will serve to draw the far-flung personalities of this unique industry into a sense of community and support.”

It might also raise awareness of SaVoa which was created to help set minimum standards of excellence in this day of anyone and everyone with a USB mic and a free software download hanging up a shingle and proclaiming themselves as Voiceover Artists.

So, here’s to NVOM! And with it a new respect for voiceoverists everywhere. It’s not just talking.

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