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November 26, 2010

Wikipedia wants $$

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I just popped over to Wikipedia to look something up and was side-tracked by a message from Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. Well, his message came up with the headline “Please Read.” So I did.

It was a plea for a few bucks to keep Wikipedia free. This is part of their press release…

The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), the non-profit behind Wikipedia, today announced the launch of its annual fundraising campaign. This year’s goal is to raise $16 million so that Wikipedia and its sister projects can remain freely available to people around the world. The $16 million raised in this campaign will help fund the Foundation’s total 2010-11 operating budget of $20.4 million. And for the first time this year, the campaign will also invite readers to donate time as well as money, by joining the Wikimedia community of volunteer editors. Once the financial goal has been met, the campaign will encourage Wikipedia’s nearly 400 million monthly readers to become editors.

I kicked in $10 through my PayPal account.

November 21, 2010

To On-Camera or Not To On-Camera?

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After doing fewer and fewer on-camera jobs over the past few years, I find that I don’t jump up and down with excitement when an email comes in with an on-camera audition. It’s a matter of time – and money.

Plus, I have grown so comfortable in jeans and leggings that the idea digging through my closet for business attire for an on-camera audition is becoming less and less appealing. Most of my business wardrobe is getting pretty dated (not to mention just a little snug!). So a lot of time is spent just figuring out what the heck to wear.

Then, you have to put on make-up!!! But since the advent of HD – not too much make up – but just the right amount of make up. This means more time just getting ready to get in the car to actually drive somewhere.

Add to this, the fact that most of these auditions in recent history have been an hour and a half drive each direction.

And finally consider that if I actually land the job, I’ll have to do all of that all over again and be gone for most of the day for a fee that is not much more than what I would be making if I was in my studio recording a voice track for a 30 minute eLearning project.

If it was a national network commercial? Well, that’s a different story of course, but these auditions are usually for non-broadcast buy outs or cable TV.

Of course, once I am on set for a shoot, it is almost always a great time. Lots of people! Lots of people fussing over me. Instant feedback from real people! All of that is good.

I’m heading to bed early tonight so that I can start this time-consuming process early in the morning – but not too early – have to time the trip around the clogged freeways to minimize my time in the car.

At least this time, I don’t have to go looking for business clothes, the wardrobe is “casual.” I’m all about casual! But I am not so keen on the description of the role as “older couple.” Sigh. When did that happen?

November 16, 2010

2-Sided Business Cards?

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Back in September I left nearly all my business cards at FaffCon and suddenly realized that I would need some for the VO gathering in New York in December, so it was time to re-order.

When I looked at my standard order, I thought about the back – which has been blank.  One thing I have noticed over the years is that I like to jot down notes on the back of cards, but I don’t normally fill up the whole back of the card, so I decided to pay a little extra and add a short line or two of text at the top of the back of my card – with just a bit of smile to it – and plenty of room to make a few notes. I also went with color on the back that is a screened version of the logo on the front.

Do you do this? There were lots of options for the back – calendars, tip charts, appointments, but nothing really specific to VO.

So, is this just more money for little or no effect? I posted this question on Facebook and have had quite a response – mostly pro to something on the back. A very few said they never look at the back.

They should be here in a few days and we’ll see if it gets any response.

Business Card Front

Business Card Back

November 3, 2010

Audition Reviewing Service? “What was I thinking!?”

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I just got an email from Sound Advice (Kate McClanaghan) introducing a new service to help beginning VO practice auditioning in the vacuum of their home studios. Basically, they randomly email you some fresh scripts on a weekly basis, give you a deadline (like real auditions), so that you can practice in your home studio. These are not real auditions for real jobs, just practice.

I downloaded the audio clip explaining the service and was suprised to hear that they are not going to actually critique the read – just the mechanics of the audition – did you slate correctly, meet the deadline, edit cleanly, etc. Yes, I realize that the “read” is subjective – to a point. But there are times when a head slap really helps clarify what the copy is saying – someone to say “What were you thinking!?” It can be hard to slap yourself.

So, what if that kind of service existed for REAL jobs – someone to do a quick reality check on the delivery of the words? Is there someone you would trust to send your audition scripts to for review and critique before you hit the send button to submit it to your agent or to the P2P site? Particularly the P2P sites.

If occasional on-going coaching helps us hear ourselves more objectively, could a quick audition critique before we submit be helpful? If so, how much would you pay for such a service? How often would you use such a service, if at all?

Even if agents are culling through auditions and only forwarding what they feel are the best of the bunch on to the client, they rarely have time to provide feedback. Of course, your feedback may be that you get fewer auditions or are dropped from a roster.

At this point in my career, I actually get to hear a lot of the spots I audition for on the air and can compare the audition I submitted with what ends up on the air. And most of the time I know that my submission was indeed competitive. Sometimes I have been left scratching my head – what ended up on the air wasn’t even close to what was “described” in the audition specs. And, of course, the vast majority of the auditions go into a black hole.

So, would a good slap on the back of the head prior to hitting the send button be beneficial?

November 1, 2010

Free Music

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Is there such thing as a free lunch? Occasionally. And occasionally there is free library music suitable for production.

Just got the information about a Free Royalty Free Music website, where right now everything is Free. They just want a link on your website somewhere. They will have stuff for sale at some point, but there will always be some free stuff too.

A quick look at the titles on the first page shows some pretty dark themes! Angel of Darkness, Armies of Doom, Attitude Gone Wrong, Bad Consequences and so on. But dig a bit deeper and there is a lot of other stuff with some Country, Beautiful, Clubbing, etc.

They have some free “sound effects” too – which are mostly little musical stings using various instruments.

So enjoy some free music – and go buy someone lunch.

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