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December 7, 2010

Blogs and Blog Stats

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I have been a bit busy the past few weeks – not counting a trip to New York for the VO Mixer that Erik and Lindsey threw this past weekend – and have not updated my personal blog in the past week or so. I have been on my class blog, because I post homework assignments there.

In checking stats for this blog a moment ago, I noticed that I didn’t have ANY hits at all on November 28th. And only a few here and there in the days since.

It begs the question of why do I blog at all if no one (or very few are reading) it. Perhaps I will re-evaluate who I am blogging for or how I am promoting my posts.

Mostly I write the blog because I like to write. But for a blog to be seen, the writing must be a bit more consistent – and promoted well to build loyalty. On the class blog, I have a somewhat captive audience. On this blog, I have a few followers – much like I follow a few as well.

The class blog –– was just featured on the website as one of the Top 100 Classroom Blogs. So I guess someone is reading that blog besides my students!

Now, to study what needs to be done on this blog to attract readers. Or should I? Should I be focusing on my primary job – marketing my voiceover services and doing good deeds for friends, family and the community…



  1. Hi Connie,
    I wanted to leave a note because I just discovered your blog, and find it excellent. I hope you don’t stop.

    Personally, most of my blog reading is done over RSS, so the blogs get delivered to me (even on my phone), and I don’t have to go and “get them.” I don’t think these RSS readers, like myself, get counted in your analytics for the site, do they?

    Just a thought.

    BTW, we meet at FAFFCON I. I was the guy who showed up at the last minute with no registration, and was lucky to get in.



    Comment by Kevin Young — December 26, 2010 @ 11:54 am

  2. Hi Kevin – thanks for following the RSS feed. I don’t know the answer to that question! I’ll have to ask one of my blog guru friends – like Peter or Paul.

    Comment by connieterwilliger — December 26, 2010 @ 2:26 pm

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