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February 5, 2011

For some things you need to commit with every fiber of your being

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How do you make the jump from good to great? It’s not hard to identify not-so-good from good, but just what it is that sets “great” apart?

Some of this is subjective, yes. We don’t all agree on who should win the Golden Globe or the Oscar for example. When it comes to Fine Art, there is even more subjectivity. But mostly we can see or hear when something is “good.” Or maybe not. Is it just natual ability?

When it comes to work where timing is critical – say dance, music – or – wait for it – (rim shot) – comedy, I think there has to be some natural ability to achieve “good.”. But you need much more than that to be “great.” You need passion, energy, and enthusiasm. And even then, if the audience doesn’t understand what is happening, then the ability to discern “greatness” falters. You also need committment, but if that committment is only to the craft and not to the business, greatness may elude even those with the best natural ability.

The young boy in this video has a natural ability. He certainly has the passion, the energy and the enthusiasm. But will he have the committment (or be allowed to have the committment) to take this ability to greatness. At this point in his life, his parents will play a critical role in nurturing his passions with the right training at the right time.

No matter how “good” you are, there are other things you need to have to make it. A “great” artist with no business sense, no technological abilities, and no street smarts will probably not be able to show the world how “great” they really are.

Here’s to Jonathan – at age 3 he shows remarkable natural talent, passion, energy and enthusiasm. From the laughter and excitement of his parents, he may also find that he has the support to allow the committment. It would be fun to see what happens in 20 years.

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