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March 13, 2011

J.S. Gilbert Deconstructs Parade’s Annual Salary Review

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Sorry for the gushing, but my friend J.S. Gilbert is a crazy good writer. And prolific! Maybe not with his blog, but certainly he contributes volumes of thoughtful and articulate (albeit filled with interesting typos) content on various message boards. I want to be just like him when I grow up.

I don’t get the paper, but somehow, I always manage to see Parade Magazine’s Annual Salary Issue with all the little pictures with job title and “salary.” (From the look of the pictures, I guess people just send in their info along with their very best snap shot and someone reaches into a basket and pulls out the selections?)

The whole Salary Review is really sort of mostly pointless – to compare what I make to a movie star or a barista – or to someone living in Idaho – simply isn’t relevant. What struck me was the number of people stating that they make less than someone working for minimum wage. Is that normal for the survey? I don’t remember. But none the less, it is compelling to look at the pictures (oh, those pictures!), read a little about the person and their job and marvel (one way or the other) at their annual bottom line.

If you want to see what “profession” was listed at the bottom of the list (or close to it anyway – saw a minor YouTube celebrity who made a bit less – well, there were a couple of volunteers on the list who made nothing last year, so they must have working spouses) – then you’ll have to read J.S.’s blog.

Can’t wait? OK – right down there at the bottom of the list – The Voice Actor at $10,000. And unfortunately for the majority of those who are hanging out their shingle these days as voice talent, this is not unusual. They HAVE to have working spouses, or they would never be able to gas up the car, buy a mic, take an acting class or eat.

Check out the whole blog – great stuff. 

March 6, 2011

FaffCon Vibe in the Groove!

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FaffCon 2 T-shirts
FaffCon 2 T-shirts waiting for their owners

So we were in a different location across the country, in a hotel that soared above the city, with about 75 people in attendance (25 or so more than in Portland) – and the end result of FaffCon 2 – Electric Boogaloo – fabulosity.

Seriously, this sharing ideas, experiences and even a few secrets with your working peers has all kinds of consequences:

  • Better business methods
  • Cool marketing strategies
  • Increased technological understanding
  • Practical performance ideas

But probably the most important is the feeling of long-term connection with your fellow performers with whom you share much more than the space next to them at a lecture.

While many of us do benefit from more organized conferences in some ways, FaffCon is different in that it is:

“…not VO 101. FaffCon is a participant-driven unconference, by and for working voice over pros. This is talent in the trenches helping each other figure out how to get better at what we do, and make more money doing it.”


People in VO seem more willing to share information than other areas of the performance business, but it is such a great feeling to be able to share your ideas and know that the person listening will actually be able to use the information in a practical and immediate way to improve their business.

Pam and Connie
My Fellow Faffer Pam Tierney and me on day 2.

As the semi-official photographer for FaffCon, I have posted an album of shots on my Facebook page.


But, if you look at the photo thread on the top of my profile, you will see links to a couple of other albums. There was much too much going on for me to capture the whole thing. Besides, I wanted to be able to contribute and gather ideas and information!


Also check out the FaffCon website for more photos and information about the NEXT FaffCon. In Hershey PA this coming September 23 – 25, 2011. If the idea of combining fun, education, friendship and chocolate seems good to you, then you’ll need to get this on your calendar!


As far as specifics on what I picked up from the weekend? Well, that would be telling. You simply have to be there, because what happens at FaffCon…you know the rest of that statement.


Suffice to say, I am excited about receiving my self-addressed stamped post card to see if I have been able to stay on the track I outlined during the closing session at FaffCon 2.

March 2, 2011

Conversational Read? Sure – What Flavor?

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We get it all the time in casting directions these days – the client wants a conversational read. They specifically tell you that a non-announcer read required.

But what flavor of conversation do they want? There are a lot of different ways to be “conversational.” Just listen to real people have a conversation. In fact, record yourself having conversations with different people.

(It might not be a good idea to record your conversation with the phone company after your phone lines have been down for 3 days. Or your call to the power company after the hot switch of the meter blew out your dishwasher and microwave. Although there are probably copies of those calls and if you run for public office they will surface.)

A lot of the nuances in just what conversational style will be right will come from the particular script you are reading, but Pam Turlow recently blogged about this subject and listed a few specific conversational “styles” that should help your taste buds get warmed up for your next non-announcer read.

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