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September 9, 2012

We Want What We Cannot Have

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Why is it that the faster technology advances the less it does what we want?

Oh, it does so much – and much much more – but the very fact that it does so much makes us want it to do more!

And some of stuff not doing what we want it to do is operator error. It does so much – how can anyone know the total scope of its capabilities…until you ask it to do something it simply can’t.

For example, my travel recording gear used to be a dbx mini-pre with my AKG 1000 mic and a Toshiba laptop. Worked great. Then I got a MicPortPro, which saved some weight and space.

But it didn’t work on my laptop, because I was using Adobe Audition 2 and it didn’t support USB mic connections. An upgrade to Audition 3 was needed to get the MicPortPro to work with the laptop. Fine, software upgrades are inevitable.

I got a little tablet recently, not really intending to use it to record, but it wouldn’t if I wanted to because it is a droid and the mini-USB port doesn’t work that way – yet.

And I saw this cute little mic that plugs into the headphone jack on a smart phone and records pretty decent sound (audition quality), but only if you have an iPhone can you do anything with it. Again, droid isn’t supporting that stuff – yet.

Despite these droid failings, I am not ready to get an i-Anything. If I need to record while traveling, I have a system that works well. Can’t pack it in my purse, but if I could, I’d be tempted to never stop working.

An extended vacation is something I would also like to have. Taking two weeks off (in a row) is the extent of my time away from my “job” since – well. I’ve never taken more than two weeks off – ever.

But, that is something I imagine I could have – if I really wanted – or needed it. (Don’t say it…)

Now, if I could hook up a mic to that little Xoom and pack it away in my purse – then I could take a long “vacation” and – oh , wait, then it wouldn’t be a vacation.

Well, I just need to wait a couple of months and the next generation of hardware, firmware and software will be waiting for me to upgrade and without a doubt, within two days, I will want it to do something that it just can’t do – yet.

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