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October 27, 2012

FaffCon 5 Followup: Fabulous

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Why has it been hard for me to get to the blog to write about my FaffCon5 experience? It was fabulous. No doubt about that. And I was looking at it in a much different light than my previous 4 FaffCons because this time I wasn’t involved in the planning. This time, I just got to participate and truly spend quality time with people. Which was a good thing. Of course, being on the planning team is a good thing too! But I let that get in the way of my real participation in FaffCon. So, this time, I just showed up and tried not to jump in and organize. When I got to the hotel on Thursday evening, I noticed the FaffCon staff having their big dinner and I started to feel left out. Several other Faffers were at another table and quickly distracted me. I was however, allowed to organize everyone for the big group picture, so I did get a mini-organizer power surge. FaffCon 5 was a party that didn’t stop from the moment I landed in Charlotte – until I touched back down in San Diego.

But the reason I haven’t written is that I have been way busy! Busy doing some personal followups. Busy unraveling some misdirected charges to my credit card. Busy checking out the FaffCon pics on Facebook. Busy working. Seems like the moment I got back the inbox and phone exploded with projects and auditions. Busy with other life stuff. Time to bring my mom back from Mexico where she has been for the last few months living with relatives.

This is a good thing of course, but it does go directly back to something Amy brings up in the closing circle at FaffCon. Once we leave, no matter how wonderful our experiences seemed at the time – no matter how excited we are to jump in and accomplish all the little tasks we assigned ourselves during each session – no matter what – life will take over and at least some of our best intentions fall by the wayside. The buzz fades – but never really goes completely away.

I haven’t even had time to go through my notes yet! But my subconscious is still bubbling with golden nuggets. Much like our subconscious helps us find the right meaning in the words we read for our clients, mine is working in the background helping me in a myriad little ways – some of which I am aware of, but I’ll just bet groundwork is being laid which will show up when I least expect it.

The Post Cards to ourselves with the reminder notes is a wonderful idea for keeping us on track, but now with nearly a full year before we see them, we will be even more surprised when they arrive with their hastily scribbled To Do list. I am looking at my past cards right now…noticing that I still have a lot of work to do to check off all my goals. Most of the items on the lists are still relevant and would probably strengthen my business if/when they are completed, so they are prominently displayed.

But life takes priority – and today I will quickly finish up this little report and get some recording done that I was not able to finish during the week. After that, I’ll probably pull out my pirate wench outfit for a party – because life isn’t all about work.

When the post card does show up, I’ll stick it up with the others and let the FaffCon buzz do its magic.


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