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August 21, 2015

Predicting The Hot New Flavors of Video Advertising

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ChangesNo one can predict the future. Well, a few people have correctly predicted the future. In 1909 Nikola Tesla predicted that we would be carrying personal wireless devices. But in general it is interesting and frequently amusing to read predictions from 100 years ago – even predictions from 10 years ago. And the way technology is changing – even trying to predict what will be happening a year from now is daunting.

The best you can do is study what is happening now and try to respond as quickly as possible to try to ride the wave and then keep checking for the next wave. For example, video advertising. Will it be short and sweet (like a “vine”) or more traditional or will it go for the interactive approach.

We can see that video is not going away – so that’s good news – but how it is being used and what shape it will take is constantly evolving.

An article yesterday in MediaPost’s Online Video Insider column by Daisy Whitney is about the state of mobile video ads. “Shorter Isn’t Always Better in Mobile Video Ads

If you are creating online ads, you need to start studying the research about what the viewers are “liking” or responding to. Whitney says…

Shorter may not always better in mobile. Sometimes, giving viewers the unexpected can deliver better results.

As a voice talent, one of my jobs is to constantly research what kinds of voices are being used – what attitudes – what sounds. I am also a writer, so I study the scripts – what kind of approach works for the product/subject, the audience and the delivery method.

Finding the “right” approach is a challenge for any producer, especially for those creating ads. On the corporate side, it is only slightly less complicated, because the internal audience is changing as well which means that the way we communicate with them has to change.

I predict that the people who will be successful in the coming years will be the ones who don’t hold on to the way it used to be.

May 17, 2012

Are You Hopping Mad about Auto Hop?

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So the latest invention in the quest by people to skip the very thing that keeps their TV programs on the air is an ad eraser embedded in new digital video recorders sold by Dish Network. Just turn on Auto Hop and ads automatically vanish. TiVo on steroids.

Here’s an article in the New York Times that goes into more detail.

So, how do I feel about that – as a voice talent whose income includes payment for doing announcing for TV Commercials? In some ways, a lot like the chief executive of CBS who wonders how he will produce shows like “CSI” without the support of the advertisers running the commercials. Or maybe a bit like News Corporation who has decided not to run Dish’s DVR ads.

Everyone in the chain is trying to figure out how to snag the eyeballs (and dollars) of the consumers. Consumers who seem to be starting to turn away from paying for cable or satellite and are looking to the Internet. My niece watches TV shows on her laptop whenever and wherever she feels like it. When I do watch TV, it is still from my easy chair in the living room without a DVR, so I tend to see mostly reruns of Bones, Law & Order and NCIS.

I would miss commercials, not only because I get paid to record them, but also because for me they are a source of education and sometimes inspiration. Not that I am a TV junkie, but part of the whole TV watching experience is studying the spots. I realize that the vast majority of the TV watching public probably doesn’t really care for commercials (except during the Super Bowl), but maybe they haven’t really thought about how their TV shows are currently being funded.

The operative word in that last sentence? “Currently.” Everything changes. Eventually.

I wish I had a crystal ball. It would be nice to see what the new business model(s) might be. I’d like to be prepared for when the current one goes away, and with it part of my income.

May 10, 2012

Another of my favorite MediaPost Pubs: Out to Launch

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Want to see some of the most interesting, clever, stylish or funny of the new ads (mostly video, but some print too) being produced around the world? They are even including a random iPhone app of the week (what about my droid app of the week?).

Sign up to get Out to Launch – another of the multitude of enewsletters published by MediaPost.

This week they are showcasing spots for Orbitz which are pretty funny, Tetley Tea from an Australian firm, and Jagermeister’s first ad in the US. Just wish my internet connection was faster! Takes a while to download and play them.

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