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March 28, 2013

Change is Inevitable

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The only constant is change. It used to be (for those of us who remember the days of black and white television) at a fairly slow pace. Adoption of new technologies was at a slower pace. You had time to adjust – albeit some were dragged along kicking and screaming about the old days.

But the speed of the changes started to pick up and today, you barely have time to buy a new technology before the newest and more advanced product is available. We face it daily, so why is it so hard to accept the inevitable.

I am still using Adobe Audition 1 on my editing computer. I like it. It still works – on my XP operating system. All my computers are XP. But, I know that will have to change the next time I have to upgrade the hardware. I will not like this change – at first. I’ll kick and scream and bitch and moan. But eventually, I’ll find the groove and ignore the steady stream of new changes until the inevitable happens again.

My Musicam Prima 120 ISDN codec is a dinosaur, but it still works. When that decides to die, I may not need to replace it, because the writing appears to be on the wall for the death of ISDN.

One major sports network that depends on ISDN for rock steady communication lines has been alerted by Verizon that they will be cutting off ISDN service in East Coast markets this coming May.

This truly makes me sad. My best times, other than actually being in someone else’s studio face-to-face with a dedicated engineer and producer/director, is being in my booth using my ISDN lines with a dedicated engineer and producer/director.

It works. I’m happy. The producer is happy.

But, because of the early warning signs, I have already invested in Source-Connect and have used that effectively with a couple of regular clients. It isn’t quite the same. It is much more complicated to establish the connection. The connection isn’t as reliable. I have to do so much more “engineering.” All of these things detract (at least in my own mind) from my ability to just perform.

So, now, for the first time since the undercurrent of mutterings predicting the demise of ISDN began, it looks like it might actually be happening. It is ironic that my lines have been working more the past year or so. Some of those clients are on the East Coast, so perhaps the change will affect me sooner than later.

So, time to let my technology advancement radar system loose to be sure that I am ready for the inevitable.


March 3, 2010

Source-Connect Ports are in Order

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Forgot to update the Source-Connect saga. Followed the detailed instructions on the Source-Connect website about how to configure the ports and “voila” so simple even a cave man could do it.

Now I am going through the Source-Connect data base to say hello to folks who might be interested in knowing that it is up and running.

Most of the people who have it are either talent or audio studios – neither of which are the best for pin-point marketing, but certainly the contacts are great networking – which ultimately pays off.

February 7, 2010

iLok Unlocked and Source Connect Installed

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The iLok folks tried to reach the official “owner” (well, perhaps we should call that the unofficial owner) of the iLok I bought at Guitar Center last week. After waiting a couple of days I decided to just return that one and get a new one.

Victory! The installation went smoothly and quickly. Source Connect is up and running. I will do some tests with other SC users as soon as I can work it in, but I had audio going both directions with the Source Connect folks.

The only part left to do is figure out the “port” configuration. It seems to be working, but my router needs to be officially configured to help stabilize the connection – at least that is what I was told. So, IF I get a chance this week, I will try to follow the breadcrumbs to finalize that one little piece of the installation process.

February 1, 2010

Someone Else’s Dongle?

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So the iLok folks tell me that someone else owns my dongle. How that could happen is a complete mystery. The iLok was in a sealed package.

They have sent that person a note asking to transfer ownership to me, but if I don’t hear something in a day or two, I will take it back to Guitar Center and get a new one (at least what I HOPE is a new one).

All of this puts the actual downloading of Source Connect on the back burner.

January 31, 2010

A dongle gone wrong

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I decided to beat the price hike and install Source Connect today. This meant a trip to Guitar Center out in La Mesa to buy an iLok dongle to start the process. That in itself was a trip. I usually buy all my audio gear and supplies at Pro Sound and Music, just down the hill from where I live. It is a well lived-in store run by an insanely intelligent guy named Mike Krewitsky. Shane helps me find what I need. It is laid back and quiet.

Guitar Center is not. But they knew what I wanted and pointed me toward the Pro Audio part of the store. After the clerk pulled an iLok off the wall, I asked about a replacement cable for my dbx mini-pre and was immediately told that the mini-plug to the mic input was so 2009 and tried to upsell me to an M-box. My system works fine, so I resisted his wiles.

The iLok though didn’t work fine. I now have to wait for someone from iLok to get back to me and figure out why it thinks someone else owns it before I can finish downloading the Source Connect Trial License to the little dongle.

So, instead of fussing about with Source Connect, I was able to meet an old college chum who was in town for the golf tourney for an hour or so.

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